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“Your fur is so soft!”
“I love your eyes!”
“This is such a beautiful suit!”
“I have never seen such a good moving jaw on a fursuit!”

These are just a few examples of comments I got while wearing Howdy, the full-suit I commissioned, and I really think they are deserved. The workmanship is top notch, the suit is comfortable, and most importantly, the communication with the customer is one of the best I have seen in terms of fursuit building. From the quote to the delivery of my suit, I would receive an email every time I moved from one slot to another. And if I ever asked a question, it would only be a few days at most before I got an answer.

I could go on, but I will say this: CityMutt Fursuits is in my opinion one of the best fursuit builders around, be it in terms of quality, versatility of style and species, or in terms of customer care. I will gladly recommend them!”

-Howdy the Wolf

"I won Aisling as a partial on Furbuy and couldn't be more happy with him. I spent months of looking at pre-mades for sale waiting for the right one to pop up. When I saw the pictures of Aisling I knew he was the one. When he arrived, I was extremely impressed; the pictures really don't do justice to all the little details he has. There's a lot of small variations of color and little floofs of fur the give the mask a lot of extra character when you see him in person.

I wore Aisling for about 8 hours a day for 3 days at Midwest Furfest 2015. The mask never got uncomfortably hot, even when sitting in a chair for a whole panel, standing in line waiting for the fursuit parade to start, or while dancing my tail off at the raves. The way the mask is designed ensured that once I had adjusted it properly to the size of my head, it never sagged or shook around even when dancing, and it never caused any pressure points or got uncomfortable in any other way. It is extremely light, and I never had any feelings even resembling claustrophobia; it truly feels like an extension of your face. The design is also very clever in that the mask can be compacted into a very small box without risk of damage. All the items feel extremely durable, I have no doubt that they will last me for many years. Visibility while wearing the mask is excellent. The tear duct vision is more than sufficient when combined with the wide view of the ground you get through the mouth to ensure you never trip or bump into anyone. Even as a total novice to suiting, I was able to get around the extremely crowded convention without any difficulties.

In addition to all that, through all of my communications with BlasterBlurby, she has been extremely prompt and professional. The suit was packaged well, shipped very quickly, and arrived in perfect condition. I truly had the time of my life thanks to this great partial, and I definitely plan to commission CityMutt to turn this amazing partial into an even more amazing full suit.




"In mid 2014 I purchased a pre-made cross fox head and tail made by CityMutt on Furbuy. The transaction was excellent and all my questions were answered very quick and professionally. My partial was shipped out within 24 hours of my payment. When the partial arrived it was packaged very well and there was absolutely no damage. The head itself was even better looking in person than the pictures conveyed. The airbrushing is perfect and symmetrical. At cons and meets this partial really draws a lot of positive attention for its stunning eyes and unique markings.

What really impresses me is the durability as it looks brand new after quite a bit of wear. This mask is also very comfortable with no areas that pinch or hurt and the breath-ability makes it easy to wear for long periods of time. I would not hesitate to commission or purchase another well crafted item from CityMutt!"

-Grissoul Crossfox


"First, I would like to say that BlasterBlurby is a super sweet and talented fursuit maker. In the beginning, I saw her work because I was shopping for someone to make my head for Zabu. I came across this amazing head she made and I instantly fell in love with her style. Sadly that first head sold pretty quickly, but she told me that she would love to make another. Since my excitement wouldn't allow me to pass it up, I landed a quote with her and reserved my spot.

It only took her a few weeks to completely finish the head (about a solid month). Her prices are also super affordable. I'm pretty confident that I will be commissioning her again in the future for more works. And if you're fursuit shopping, definitely give her a ring."

-Zabu the Sergal


"I was introduced to BlasterBlurby's work through a friend. I thought her suits looked great and the price was right in my range. I didn't really have much of a plan for the suit except for the basics but she was very professional and patient. She was quick to respond to any questions I had and also made many suggestions that I think made Ricco all the better. The progress reports she sent were well done and fairly frequent. The process took way less time than I had anticipated but with no sacrifice to quality. Once the suit was shipped, it arrived in a day in perfect condition and I couldn't have been happier.

It was a pleasure and I'm glad she was the one to craft Ricco. I would even say I wouldn't rather have it been any other way."

-Ricco Rox


"I found BlasterBlurby through Furbuy while looking over the auctions. What I had seen for the price was amazing. After stalking through FA and making contact everything went quite professionally from there. Being this was my first fursuit buying experience I had no idea what to expect, but she made it simple and easy. Everything she needed was given to me in a clear, defined manner, and from there we set about designing my personal and my dear fursona, Ivalice.

If your looking for a good partial for a great price I would highly recommend her again. My buddy Ricco even went through and got his Rox made here with wonderful result. They are durable, comfortable, breathable, and in general feel like the first skin you've always wanted as a furry."

-Ivalice Nishi

"I had actually stumbled on "Hunter the Fox" when my fursuiting passion was just beginning. With the idea of realistic fursuits in mind there were few and far between without spending an astronomical amount of money.  When I came upon Hunter I was sold at first sight, and I was not wrong in believing so!  I flat out bought him on the spot, and BlasterBlurby had him shipped in great time and was such a pleasure to work with, as well. 

Hunter is a resin based head with lycra lining and a fan in the muzzle.  I was amazed by the quality when it arrived. It was even greater than I had expected, this being my first purchased head, I wasn't sure what to expect from the photos. Air flow was great, which admittedly was something I was a bit worried about.  With some finishing pieces, such as paws and sleeves he was ready for debut at Furpocalypse 2014. 

I had numerous people stop me in my tracks to compliment how realistic and amazing he looked.  I had absolutely no problem navigating on my own, as well. I could not be happier with him and I look forward to many more adventures."


"I was lucky enough to purchase Sakura the Cherry Blossom Tiger in 2013.  The concept alone speaks of BlasterBlurby's creativity and excellent sense of style, but I can't stress how good and solid the engineering and craftsmanship are as well.  I have continued to commission more pieces for the original partial, because I've fallen in love with the character.  This love is solely because of how expressive and real BlasturBlurby made the character of Sakura.

Communication with BlasterBlurby is what one would hope for in any business exchange. Emails are both genial and professional, but more importantly they are always clear and prompt. This is the sort of professionalism that is rare to find in any fandom and we are lucky to have BlasterBlurby in ours."

-Dapper Bear



 "The arm sleeves, hand paws, and feet are beautifully done. Everything fits perfectly, with no issues at all. The details are well worth it in the end, got my spots and added some cute custom fur to my feet that I adored. Same goes for the customer support. If I had any issues I got a quick response back.

Thank you so much for making my fursona come to life!"