Wait List Status: Closed until september 13th-15th

Slot One

Slot Two

Slot Three

Slot Four

Slot Five

Slot Six

Slot Seven

Slot Eight

Slot Nine

Slot Ten

Aquaria Full-suit - "Shui"

Shrimp Half-suit - "Fantastic Rounds"

Horse Full-suit - "Jake Bay"

Sergal Head - "Poli"

Striped Hyena Partial - "Akot"

Fox Partial - "Grey Diamond"

Wyvern Full-suit - "Raazenroth"

Gargoyle Full-suit - "Belmont"

Husky Head - "Huxgamr”

Wolf Partial - "Kaizen"

Slot Eleven

Slot Twelve

Slot Thirteen

Slot Fourteen

Slot Fifteen

Slot Sixteen

Slot Seventeen

Slot Eighteen

Slot Nineteen

Slot Twenty

Skull-Creature Head - "Unnamed"

Celestial Fox Partial - “Celeste”

Chimera Head - “Twister”

Fox Partial - “Glimmer”

Wolf Full-suit - “London”

Lemur Partial - “Granola”

Wolf Head - “Aisling”

Available September 13-15th

Available September 13-15th

Available September 13-15th

How Does the Wait List Work?

CityMutt only works on one commission at a time. This is so we can completely focus our effort on making you an amazing fur-suit. The commission in the first slot is the one we work on until its completion, at which point it is removed from the Wait List and all other commissions move up a slot.


How do i get added to the wait list?

To be added to the Wait List you will have to fill out a Commission Application during a period when we are open for new applications. Currently the Wait List is capped at twenty slots. For more information about the steps in the commission process, please click here.


Do I have to pay to be added to the wait list?

You do not have to pay to be added to the wait list. Your first down payment will be due once you have reached the third slot. Once your commission is third in line CityMutt will send you an email request to pay at least 50% of your total commission price. The email will include a link to a private shopping cart where you can submit your payment.


What if I can't pay at the time?

If you cannot pay your down payment once you reach the third slot, you may be dropped to the bottom of the Wait List. If you cannot pay when you reach the third slot again, then you may be dropped completely from the Wait List and suspended from resubmitting an application for a period of time. Another offense can result in a longer suspension or you may be banned from the Wait List indefinitely.


Could I pay you more money to be moved to a higher slot?

Absolutely not. CityMutt does not allow commissioners to pay their way into a high slot. Such a practice would be incredibly unfair to other customers and attempts to do this will not be tolerated.


I have a Question.

If you have a question, we recommend that you first visit our FAQ. If your question is not answered there then you can find our contact information here.