Dragon Head Base

Dragon Head Base


This dragon head base is made from a flexible black foam. It can be used to make your very own fursuit head. The foam is easily cut with scissors, and can be made to fit any size head. The base comes in two pieces: the face piece and the lower jaw piece. Unlike similar products, our foam bases come already hollowed out.


For a tutorial on making your own fursuit head using CityMutt bases, please click here.(Coming Soon)

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Why is a Foam Base better than a Resin Blank?

A foam base is superior to a resin (plastic) blank in many ways. Foam is lighter than resin, and so does not strain the performer's neck like a resin blank will. A foam base is also easier to work with, because you do not need any power tools or dangerous Exact-o blades to cut it. A pair of household scissors can cut the blank perfectly well.

Resin blanks can also be uncomfortable to some people to wear, because of hard edges and size limitations. CityMutt's foam bases are perfectly soft and can be made to fit any size head.

Can I use this base for a Toony character?

Absolutely. Foam base are easy to alter, and its as simple as cutting out a hole for the toony eyes. To see how easy it is, please click here.

Can I make something other than a Dragon?

The recommended species for this base is the dragon, but with some creative changes it can also be used for quite a few other animals, such as deer and dinosaurs. The only limit is your own vision for what this base can be.