How We Build

At CityMutt we know the devil is in the details, here's a breakdown of how our fur-suits exemplify quality.

How we build heads

The Benefits of a Flex-Foam Base.

At CityMutt our bases are made from cast flex-foam. By using flex-foam we can create a head that is both light and durable. With a flexible base CityMutt fur-suit heads can also be flattened for storage, taking up much less space than a typical fur-suit head. Our bases are also machine-washable in cold water, a feature that is not offered by most.

Why is a Foam Base better than a Resin Blank?

A foam base is superior to a resin (plastic) blank in many ways. Foam is lighter than resin, and so does not strain the performer's neck like a resin blank may. Resin blanks can also be uncomfortable to some people to wear, because of hard edges and size limitations. CityMutt's foam bases are perfectly soft and can be made to fit any size head. A fur-suit head made on a resin blank can only be hand washed, while CityMutt's foam based fur-suit heads can be machine-washed.

Made to be Cooler.

Our heads are made with the performer's comfort in mind. We can put a maximum of three CPU fans into one of our heads (one in the muzzle and one in each ear). These fans can draw fresh air into the head as well as expel stale air. The head's base is also designed to allow for the best air-flow possible. A space between the upper and lower jaw allows air to enter the head even when the mouth is closed. Open nostrils and wide tear-ducts also allows air in and out. Additionally, the mouth is designed so that if the performer is becoming too hot, but doesn't want to completely remove the head, they can open the mouth widely enough to expose much of their face and cool down.

Rubber-Coated Nose and Lips.

There's no need to worry about the nose or lips falling off a CityMutt fur-suit head, as both are part of the entire base. We coat the flex-foam nose and lip in a tough rubber. This gives the nose and lip a natural look and feel, but also keeps them light and flexible. Our noses and lips have raised edges where the raw edges of the fur is tucked out of sight, giving our heads a seamless quality.

The Best Vision Possible.

Whether the head is built with tear-duct vision or toony vision, our heads are made to give the performer the best possible vision without compromising on looks.

A Superior Moving Jaw.

CityMutt's heads are all made to have a fully articulated mouth as a standard feature. By using soft hinges rather than resin hinges we are able to make a fur-suit head's mouth fully sync to it's wearer's own jaw movements. Our methods provide superior comfort to the wearer and offer incredible realism in movement.