Commission Specials

Artistic liberty 10% discount

Get 10% off your next commission, by signing up for an artistic liberty commission. In an artistic liberty commission, the artist works from their own design.  To qualify for the artistic liberty discount the only character information you may submit is:

Your desired species

Example: “Tiger”

Your desired style (Toony, Realistic, Semi-realistic, etc.)

Example: “Toony”

A “Please Do”

Example: “My head must have a scar through the eye.”

A “Please Don’t”

Example: “Please, no pink in my fur-suit.”


  • Absolutely NO reference pictures should be provided in your application.
  • This discount is only available if the commission includes a head, at least.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated, multiple discounts/specials cannot be combined.
  • To apply for the artistic liberty discount, the commissioner must give up some control of the commission. If you begin to disregard the requirements for the discount, the discounted amount will be added back to your total and your commission may be subject to termination. To see the consequences of an early termination, see the terms and conditions.