About us


What is CityMutt?

CityMutt is a fur-suit making company dedicated to enriching the fur-suiting experience. We do this by selling beautiful and comfortable fur-suits, as well as being a leader in fur-suit information and innovation.

Our company is headed by Molly Prawel, also known as BlasterBlurby, a fur-suit maker with three years of experience in the industry.


What is a fur-suit?

A fur-suit is a high quality animal costume, similar to a mascot's costume. It is a work of art that you can wear and perform in. Fur-suits are typically custom-built to fit the performer and to replicate the performer's character.

Fur-suits can be made in many artistic styles, the most common being: Toony, Realistic, Semi-Realistic, and Kemono. A fur-suit in the toony style will have the look of a cartoon animal, so it will often have exaggerated features. The realistic style closely resembles nature, in that the fur-suit will almost look like a real animal. The semi-realistic style is a mixture of the toony and realistic styles, which results in a costume that has a balance of natural and unnatural features. The kemono style originated in Japan and is otherwise known as the "anime style". A fur-suit made in the kemono style will look like a Japanese anime character.

Fur-suits can also be broken up into three more categories: Full-suit, Half-suit, and Partial. Full-suits are considered a complete costume and cover the wearer's body in total. A typical full-suit consists of a head, a tail, a bodysuit, hands, and feet. Half-suits cover most of the wearer's body except for either the legs or the torso. Half-suits consist of a head, a tail, hands, feet, and either have "pants" or a "shirt". Partials can be a combination of a few different items, but generally a partial would have at least a head, tail, and hands. A partial could also include sleeves for the wearer's arms and a set of feet.


What We Sell

CityMutt takes fur-suit commissions and sells fur-suit making supplies. A fur-suit commission is for customers who would like a costume custom-built to their specifications. A commissioned fur-suit is made to fit the customer's body and match their own character. To commission a fur-suit, a customer fills out an application and submits it to CityMutt. CityMutt will then respond with a price quote for the fur-suit. The customer will then accept the price quote and be added to a wait list until their slot comes up. For more information on the commission process, please click here.

CityMutt also has an online store where you can buy the same supplies that we use to build fur-suits. These supplies are perfect for someone who wants to build their own fur-suit. We also offer tutorials about how to use our products to build your own beautiful fur-suit. To view our tutorials, please click here.

More so, CityMutt sells the fur-suiting experience. It sells the excitement of receiving your fur-suit and wearing it for the first time to the amazement of your friends and family. It sells the ability to become something other than yourself.


Our Mission Statement

“CityMutt Fursuits is a fursuit company whose mission is to enrich the fur-suiting experience through excellently constructed fur-suits, superior customer service, and by educating customers about how to get the most out of their fur-suits.”